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Hello, Torontonian.

Look, we love Toronto, too. It has lots of great people, but let’s face it, it’s tough out there. Tough to find affordable living, tough to find a bit of green space, tough to find parking when you need it. We have a lot of great London opportunities at some of Canada’s best employers, and London is a great place to live – green space, backyards and driveways, room for a family and a Great Dane, trails, the Thames River, great music and theatre scene, international cuisine, and a ton of festivals. Your next career can be here – and don’t worry, we won’t tell Toronto if you don’t.

And now some facts about London…

London has 

356 parks, 


a city wide trail system, 


7 MILLION trees*,


You get
the idea

That’s green

London has a population density of 178.1 persons per square kilometre

compared to Toronto’s 4,149.5

Here’s a picture


That’s space

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You’ll love London, Ontario.

You will love London, Ontario

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